The TOEFL® Junior™ Standard Test

Posted: November 14, 2013
The TOEFL® Junior™ Standard Test

A TOEFL® assessment designed for middle-school students

The TOEFL® Junior™ test is a low- to medium-stakes assessment that measures the language proficiency needed for life and learning in English-speaking middle schools.

Designed specifically for middle-school students for whom English is a foreign language, the TOEFL Junior test measures listening and reading ability as well as knowledge of language form and meaning in both academic and social contexts; it is not based on or limited to any specific curriculum.

The TOEFL Junior test assesses the following skill areas:

• Listening Comprehension: This section tests how well students understand spoken English. It is administered by CD. Students are asked to answer questions based on a variety of statements, questions, conversations and talks recorded in English.

• Language Form and Meaning: This section assesses key language skills such as grammar and vocabulary in context.

• Reading Comprehension: This section tests how well students read and understand written English.

As a primarily academic English proficiency test, the TOEFL Junior test is designed to support low- to medium-stakes decisions. The TOEFL Junior test serves as a general progress measure in developing English language skills, as well as for placement of students in appropriate programs to increase English proficiency.

The TOEFL Junior score reports provide:

     •      Section level scores with can-do statements to inform instruction and learning
     •      A Lexile reading measure to help in choosing books to improve students’ reading 
     •      Scores mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

TOEFL Junior scores are reported only to the student or administering institution, and are valid for two years. 

More than 50 countries are currently administering the TOEFL Junior test or will be soon. The test is administered on scheduled test dates. Institutions or agencies can request an administration on as needed test dates.