Institutional Test Administration Policies & Procedures (Organization-Affiliated)

Posted: January 24, 2013
Institutional Test Administration Policies & Procedures (Organization-Affiliated)

The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) is the sole authorized representative for the TOEIC® tests in Thailand. The information in this document applies to the daily and institutional TOEIC® testing program for Organization Affiliated tests.


Background Information


Organizations in Thailand and other parts of the world have long acknowledged the importance of English language communication. These same organizations also recognize that the level of English language required for each position or job function varies on job needs. Having recognized that positions require varying levels of English language ability, organizations must then quantify and qualify those requirements in order to establish fair and consistent standards, and to determine a valid and reliable method of measuring each individual's performance level against those standards.


The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC®), along with other standardized tests such as the TOEFL, GRE, and SAT, is produced by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey. Currently more than 6+ million TOEIC tests are administered annually to both public and private sector organizations all over the world to assess English language proficiency levels in the area of listening and reading skills. Examples of how TOEIC test results can be used include:


  • Screening job applicants during the recruitment process;
  • Setting English language standards for English-essential positions;
  • Testing staff to determine whether they meet job related standards and requirements;
  • Placing staff in language classes;
  • Establishing English language incentives;
  • Assessing the effectiveness of language instruction programs; and
  • Selecting candidates for promotions or overseas training programs.


In Thailand, TOEIC clients represent a wide range of industries such as Aviation, Banking & Finance, Consulting, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Hotel & Tourism, Information Technology, Manufacturing (Automotive, Consumer Products, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, etc) and Telecommunications.


A partial list of existing client organizations includes: Adecco New Petchburi Recruitment Ltd., Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS), Assumption Commercial College, Assumption University, Bangkok Airways, Bangkok Hospital, Bank of Thailand, Banyan Tree Bangkok, BHN Hospital, Bumrungrad Hospital, Cargill Meats (Thailand) Limited, Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production Ltd., Civil Aviation Training Center, CPF Training Center, Denso Group, Deposit Protection Agency (DPA), Double A (1991) Public Company Limited, Total Access Communication Public Co., Ltd. (DTAC), Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), Halla Climate Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Isuzu Motors Co., (Thailand) Ltd., Kasem Bundit University, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, King Power International Group Co., Ltd., LG Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mektec Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd., Murata Electronics (Thailand) Ltd., Prince of Songkla University, PTT Group, Samitivej Hospital, Sarasas Schools, SCG Group, Seagate Technology (Thailand) Ltd., Siam City Cement Public Company Limited, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd., Thai Bridgestone Co., Ltd., Thaicom Public Company Limited, The Peninsula Bangkok, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Toyota Group, True Corporation Public Company Limited, United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA), Vejthani Hospital.

As the sole authorized representative for the TOEIC test in Thailand, the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) is responsible for providing all language test related services to TOEIC clients.


Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC®)


Daily and Institutional TOEIC® Program


What and Why?


The TOEIC test is a proficiency test that reliably measures the passive skills of listening and reading across a wide range from beginner to advanced levels. As a proficiency test, the TOEIC test measures not only WHAT an individual knows, but also how well they can USE that knowledge.


The TOEIC® Institutional Testing Program provides testing services for both organization-affiliated and/or sponsored test takers and for non-affiliated institutional test takers.




The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) maintains in-house testing facilities both in the Bangkok and Chiangmai offices. 


The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) also conducts on-site administrations at client offices, specially arranged sites, or external training centers. Tests can be administered in any location in Bangkok, Chiangmai, or any other province in Thailand.  There is no limit to the maximum group size, provided that testing rooms allow a space of 1.5 meters between each test takers. 


The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) can administer tests on a daily basis for one person to as many as several hundred at a time. All proctors are provided by the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand).




In-house tests are administered twice daily, in both Bangkok and Chiangmai, on a regular basis. 


The on-going test schedule is as follows: Monday-Saturday: 09:00 to 11:30, and 13:00 to 15:30, excluding Public Holidays.


Organizations wanting to have test takers sit for an in-house TOEIC test session should contact the test center at least 24 hours in advance to reserve seating. Additional test sessions or alternate test times can be arranged at the client's request, but minimum charges will apply.


  • Special In-house Test Administrations can be offered on Sundays, or holidays, and after regular office hours, through prior arrangement. A minimum charge of thirty-five (35) test takers is required for Special Test Administrations.


Organization site test administrations can be scheduled at the client’s convenience, any time or day of the week. There is a thirty-five (35%) percent surcharge for organization test administrations administered on Sundays, or national holidays.


  • On-site organization test administrations within the Bangkok Metropolitan area are charged at a minimum rate equivalent to fifteen (15) test takers. On-site organization test administrations outside of the immediate Bangkok Metropolitan area are charged at a minimum rate equivalent to twenty-five (25) test takers plus direct travel related costs.




Organization-Affiliated In-House Test Takers


Reservations for organization-affiliated in-house test takers must be made AT LEAST one working day in advance of the requested test date. 


As reservation are taken on an on-going basis the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) cannot always guarantee that a specific test date and/or test time will be available. Therefore the earlier reservations are made the better the opportunity of getting the date and time desired.


Test takers should check with the person responsible within their organization to confirm specific procedures.


Organization Scheduled


Organizations that want to send organization-sponsored test takers to test at the Bangkok or Chiangmai offices may do so by submitting a test request form directly to the test centers. Test dates and times and payment terms can then be specified by the requesting organization. 


Test Taker Scheduled


Test takers testing for, or under, the auspices of an organization, may be asked to make a test reservation on their own. This must be done by telephone, at least one working day in advance of the test date to obtain a confirmed reservation. As test reservations are taken on an on-going basis, CPA cannot guarantee an examinee’s first choice of test date and time. 


Reservations for test takers living in Thailand are currently accepted by telephone ONLY, Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. 


When making the reservation test takers should be prepared to provide their name, national ID number (passport number for non-residents), date of birth, contact telephone number, test date and test time being requested, as well as any organization specific information. Test takers who are not Thai nationals may also be requested to provide proof of residence in Thailand (such as work permits, school ID cards).  


Rescheduling and Cancellation


Test takers may change or cancel their reservations up to one working day prior to the test date. Any test taker who fails to appear for a test without cancelling within that time limit, or who cancels or changes their test date less than one working day prior to the test date will have an additional Baht 500.00 processing fee added to their next test fee.


Re-testing Policies


Test takers who live and work or attend a registered educational institute in Thailand may only make a reservation for a single test administration (date and time) at a time. Test takers can only make a new test reservation for a test date five (5) calendar days after the date of their previous test.


Individual test takers who do not live, or work or attend a registered educational institute in Thailand, and who are not Thai nationals, may only make a test reservation once a month and with not less than twenty-eight (28) calendar days between the test dates.


Organization On-Site Test Administrations


The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) offers on-site testing for organizations based on their testing needs. Details on these arrangements can be obtained by contacting the Bangkok or Chiangmai offices directly.



Organization-Affiliated Test Results


Copies of all test results for organization-affiliated tests are sent directly to the test coordinator designated by the organization. The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) does not release individual scores to individual test takers from organizations.  


For test administrations of ten (10) or fewer test takers, results will be released within one working day of the test administration and sent via the postal EMS service.


Test results for more than ten (10) corporate test takers in the immediate Bangkok area will be released within one working day of the test administration and sent via messenger 


TOEIC Score Result Formats for Organizations


Test results for organizations are returned in a variety of different formats. These results are included in the test fee and are based on the testing program in effect.


Individual Score Reports: The base fee of each organization-specific Program 3 test taker includes one (1) copy of the Office TOEIC Score Report - provided in individual sealed envelopes – that includes Listening and Reading Score Assessments designed to provide a more detailed explanation of the numerical score.


This is the only format of Score result that can be made available to an individual test taker.


In the immediate Bangkok area, if permitted by the organization, these test results can be picked up at the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) one working day after the test between the hours of 10:00AM and 4:30PM Mondays through Saturdays. Tests administered in the Chiangmai office, or in other provinces, will be available three working days after the test. 


In order to pick up the scores, test takers must submit their original TOEIC test registration form along with an official government photo ID (Thai National Identification card, Passport, or Thai Electronic Driver’s License).  If any test takers designates a third party to pick the score up on their behalf, in addition to the examinee’s original TOEIC registration form and official government photo Identification card, the designated person must also bring their own original official government photo identification.  The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) will not release scores without complete documentation. 


Test takers may request to have their TOEIC Score reports sent by EMS postal service by notifying TOEIC staff when they leave the test room.  Each test taker is responsible for addressing their own mailing envelope. Blank envelopes are provided by the test center. All scores are sent only by EMS postal service at a cost of Baht 50.00 per envelope. Each TOEIC Score Report must be sealed in a separate envelope. Requests for multiple score reports will be treated as multiple requests. 


Score Reports are maintained at TOEIC Thailand for a period of 90 days after the original test date. After the 90-day period all scores reports are treated as Re-Print Requests.


Individual Score Records: One working day after a corporate test, Organization Score Records for each test taker will be sent to the test coordinator within the organization. Organizations use these Score Records in a variety of ways, from distributing them to the individual test takers to retaining them in each examinee’s personnel records. The Score Records are for the sponsoring organization’s use only and are not designed for use outside of that organization. The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) does not offer a score reprint service for Organization Score Records.


Score Rosters: Standard Score Rosters are prepared for the organization and are organized by first name, as well as by TOEIC Score Range. 



Individual General Score Assessments: In order to provide TOEIC users with more detailed information of the numerical test scores, the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) also provides the organization General Score Assessments. The General Score Assessments provide descriptive information for the TOEIC Listening and Reading Scores, as well as descriptive research-based projections of Speaking and Writing skills.


All these reports are returned to the organization one working day after the test, but are not available to individual test takers directly from the TOEIC® program.


Summary Report: For large test administrations, the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) provides a summary report one working week after the test. Up to four (4) different Test Administration Report Lists can be prepared according to a variety of fields such as identification number, test takers name, position, department, or other data collected at the time of the test administration.  This report can be customized for each corporate client provided that the corporate specific information required for the final report is determined before the time of the actual test administration. Additional report lists can be added to this summary report at a minimum charge of Baht 500.00 per list.


Organizations will receive the information in an electronic format. Score report information will be provided in either a spreadsheet format, or a PDF format depending on the report.


Organizations requiring additional copies of any of these reports may purchase them from the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) at the following rates...


  • Test takers Score Records ... Baht  100.00 per Test takers
  • Individual Test takers Score Assessments ... Baht  100.00 per Assessment
  • Test Administration Report Lists ... Baht  25.00 per List Report page
  • Additional (more than 4) Report Lists ...Baht  25.00 per List Report page
  • Minimum charge of Baht 500.00 applies


Supplemental Reports for Organizations


Training Group Recommendations: The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) can also provide Training Group Recommendations for group administrations. These recommendations assign test takers into sub-groups for training purposes and provide general information on the type of training and length of training needed to develop the test takers language to the next appropriate TOEIC level. 


Training Group recommendations are available on request. There is a per group charge of Baht 500.00 per training group and a minimum charge of Baht 1,000.00.


Score Comparisons: The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) will compile Score Comparisons of two or more test results for test takers in an organization. The score comparison can, for example, be used to determine progress in a training program, or determine change over time when an test takers is tested on an annual basis.


There is a minimum per Score Comparison Report charge of Baht 1,500.00. This will include comparisons of up to 50 test takers. There will be an additional charge of Baht 1,000.00 for every additional 50 or fewer test takers.



Individual Score Report Reprints


Individuals testing as an Organization-Affiliated test taker requiring official copies of any of the Score Reports must first obtain a written and signed Letter of Permission to Release the Score from the organization. This letter must be received by the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) before any reprint request can be processes.


Once permission to release the score has been received the test taker must complete a Score Reprint Request form at the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand).  The processing fee is Baht 100.00 per Score Report. Official TOEIC Score Reprints may be picked up two (2) working days after the request. Score Reprint requests are not accepted over the telephone, by fax, or through e-mail. If an test takers designates a third party to pick the score up on their behalf, in addition to the examinee’s original TOEIC Reprint Request Form and national Identification card, the designated person must also bring their own original identification card.


Information Materials


Additional information on the TOEIC test can be obtained from the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) offices in both Bangkok and Chiangmai. Materials such as brochures and handouts are available from the Centers.


The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) also provides the TOEIC test Test takers Handbook to all test takers. The handbook is designed to provide test takers with information on the test format, including question formats, and provides some sample practice questions. All promotional and guidance information is available from the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) at no charge. The Test takers handbook is also available on-line through the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) web site at


Consulting Services


The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) also provides consulting services in the area of language development and language standards.


On a consulting basis, the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) conducts language surveys for organizations interested in assessing English language needs, establishing language standards, language use and training. The Center also provides assistance in helping organizations to establish internal English Language Policies and Standards.


The Center also provides assistance in developing syllabi for English language courses, not only to increase overall language proficiency, but also to target specific organizational needs. Specialized services can also be provided in the areas of teacher training and courseware development.



Pricing Policies


The following price policies are currently in effect …


A.Standard Fee for an individual Institutional TOEIC Test Administration - Baht 1,500.00/Test


B.   TOEIC Corporate fees. Organizational clients may select from several different programs. The Fee Category for each organization is based on a 12-month projection of test volumes. The different programs offered differ only in the reports provided. The same level of test security and test reliability applies to all programs.

Test Fee Schedule by Category and Program:


Test takers per year

Program 1

Program 2

Program 3







per test






per test






per test






per test






per test

Language School

CPA Testing Only




per test


Minimum of 25 per test administration




per test

  • Incremental site administration costs (including travel charges, accommodation charges, test facility charges, etc) are to be covered by each respective organization.
  • There is a minimum charge equivalent to 15 test takers per administration for test administrations within the immediate Bangkok or Chiangmai areas.
  • There is a minimum charge equivalent to 25 test takers per administration for test administrations outside of the immediate Bangkok or Chiangmai areas. In addition, the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) requests that the contracting organization assume responsibility for all actual travel costs and expenses incurred.


C. No-Show Policy - The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) has a No-Show policy for all test takers. Test takers who fail to cancel a reservation for a test within one (1) working day of that test will be charged a Baht 500.00 processing fee in addition to their regular test fee the next time they come in to test.


All fees are quoted inclusive of VAT.


Payment Policies


All fees for TOEIC Test Administrations and Certificates are payable in Baht.


For on-site test administrations organizations will be charged only for actual tests administered beyond the minimum requirements, provided that the total number of test takers tested does not fall below seventy-five percent (75%) of the scheduled number for each test administration. In these cases the organization will be charged for an amount totaling seventy-five percent of the number scheduled.


TOEIC Test Administration fees for organization-sponsored test takers can be billed directly to the organizations; or


TOEIC Test Administration Fees for organization-affiliated individuals can be payable in cash on the actual test day.


All TOEIC Individual Score Report Reprints are payable at the time they are ordered.


Thailand Test Centers


Bangkok Main Office:


Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand)

Suite 1907, BB Building,

54 Asoke Road, Sukhumvit

Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel:  0-2260-7061; 0-2259-3990

Fax: 0-2664-3122






Northern Region Branch Office:


Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand)

Nawarat Building, 3rd. Floor

4/6 Kaew Nawarat Rd., Soi 3

Chiangmai 50000 Thailand

Tel: 053-241-273-5; 0-53-248-220

Fax: 053-248-208