TOEIC® Public Listening & Reading Test Policies & Procedures

Posted: January 24, 2013
TOEIC® Public Listening & Reading Test Policies & Procedures

The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) administers ONLY the Redesigned formats of the TOEIC test in both its Daily/Institutional and Public/Monthly testing programs. The information in this document applies to the Public (Monthly) TOEIC® testing program.

Background Information

The Test of English for International Communication® (TOEIC®) test has been a valuable asset in helping companies around the world to make decisions regarding hiring, job assignments, promotion, placement in English-language training programs, and monitoring progress in those programs in Thailand since 1988. 

In order to ensure that the TOEIC test continues to be the leading test of English-language proficiency for use by international businesses, ETS continues to improve the quality of the tests so that it can better meet the needs of test users. 

Part of best testing practices is to revise tests to reflect advances and increased understanding in the field or domain addressed by the test. This is the case for the Redesigned TOEIC test. New models of language proficiency and communicative competence have evolved and the value of greater authenticity in language testing is clearly recognized. The revisions to the TOEIC test better align the test with these recent developments and acknowledgements. 

Why was a new test developed? 

One of the primary reasons for revising the TOEIC® test was to align the test with current theories of language proficiency. Current language theory recognizes the complexity of authentic language contexts; in these contexts it is often necessary for the learner to use multiple abilities and strategies in order to comprehend and connect information that is heard and read. Communication in authentic situations usually requires the simultaneous engagement of lexical, grammatical, phonetic, and pragmatic language abilities. While the existing TOEIC® test includes a number of brief spoken and written text samples, it also includes some very short, single-sentence contexts that focus on discrete language abilities. The new TOEIC® test will contain a larger proportion of authentic language contexts in both the Reading and Listening sections.

Increasing the authentic nature of the test was a primary goal in revising the TOEIC® test, the other major reason for redesigning the test was the opportunity to incorporate evidence-centered design (ECD) principles and practices. 

ECD is a test-design process that begins with a discussion of the kinds of information that would be valuable to provide to test score users about the abilities examinees have, or do not have, based on their test performance. Using this ECD approach, performance on the test items is directly linked to evidence about language abilities. In addition to making explicit the rationale for selecting what abilities to measure, evaluating what evidence to collect about these abilities, and determining the types of items that will allow evidence to be collected, ECD also allows for an opportunity in the future to produce diagnostic proficiency information. 

With these changes, the Redesigned TOEIC® test represents a positive change in English-language testing for business and industry. However, these changes are only part of an ongoing process. As ETS’ understanding of language learning grows and develops, these advances will be introduced into future ETS assessments. In this regard, the evolution and continual improvement of the TOEIC® test are part of good testing practices. 

Public (Monthly) TOEIC® Program 

When and Where?

The Public (Monthly) TOEIC® Program is conducted at specified locations around the country. The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) currently organizes Public (Monthly) TOEIC® test administrations in Bangkok and Chiangmai. Additional test locations may be added as the needs arise.

The Public (Monthly) TOEIC® test administrations are conducted on a once-a-month basis. The test dates and times are fixed. All test administrations have been set for Saturdays at 13:00 ONLY. Test dates for the Public (Monthly) TOEIC® 2016 program are:

Saturday, January 21,2017

Saturday, February 18,2017

Saturday, March 18,2017

Saturday, April 22,2017

Saturday, May 20,2017

Saturday, June 17,2017

Saturday, July 22,2017

Saturday, August 19,2017

Saturday, September 23,2017

Saturday, October 21,2017

Saturday, November 18,2017

Saturday, December 16,2017

 Examinees interested in participating in a Public (Monthly) TOEIC® test administration may register in advance for any of the test dates scheduled. 


All examinees testing in a Public (Monthly) test administration must make a test reservation at least ten (10) calendar days in advance of the test date to guarantee a seat. Reservations are currently accepted by calling the CPA (Thailand) Call Center and speaking with a representative or in person at either of the CPA (Thailand) Test Centers in Bangkok and Chiangmai. The Call Center operates during regular center operating hours, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00am until 4:30pm.

Any reservation request IS treated as a reservation and ALL cancellation policies apply. Reservations CANNOT be cancelled or changed by email or on-line. To Cancel or Change a reservation you must call the Reservation Call Center.

Reservation requests are NOT CONFIRMED until payment has been received

Payment can be made in person at the CPA (Thailand) offices in Bangkok and Chiangmai; by bank transfer directly to the CPA (Thailand) account (all bank fees are the responsibility of the examinee); or by Postal Money Order. No deductions from the full fee may be taken for any service charges. ATM payments CANNOT BE VERFIED ... Payments MUST be made via Bank Transfer ONLY.

When making the reservation an examinee should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Full name (First Name, Family Name) 
  • National ID Number (Passport Number for non-residents)
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Contact telephone number
  • E-mail Address
  • Test Location requested
  • Test Date requested
  •  Method of Payment


Rescheduling and Cancellation

  1. Test takers may change or cancel their reservations up to ten (10) calendar days prior to the Test Date without charge.
  2. Any test taker canceling or changing their test date less than ten (10) calendar days prior to the test date will be charged a Baht 1,000.00 processing fee. This charge may be deducted from the advance payment, or added to their next test fee.
  3. Any examinee failing to appear for a test without canceling will have the FULL test fee (Public TOEIC® Test - Bht 1,800.00) for each test administration retained or added to their next test fee as a processing charge.

Test Score Results 

Test results can be picked up at the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) offices in Bangkok and Chiangmai five (5) working days after the test. Scores may be picked up between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday.

Score Reports for each examinee are sealed in individual envelopes. On picking up the scores, examinees must submit their original TOEIC® test registration form along with their National Identification card.  If an examinee designates someone else to pick the score up on their behalf, in addition to the examinee’s original TOEIC® registration form and National Identification card, the designated person must also bring their own original identification card.

Examinees may request to have their TOEIC® Score reports sent by EMS postal service by notifying TOEIC® staff when they leave the test room.  All scores are sent only by EMS postal service at a cost of Baht 100.00 per envelope.

Score Reports are maintained at TOEIC® Thailand for a period of 90 days after the original test date. After the 90-day period all scores reports are treated as Reprint Requests.

The TOEIC® Public Test Score Reports are the only score reports accepted internationally. Test takers wishing to use a TOEIC® score for any purposes outside of Thailand must obtain a Public Test Score Report.

TOEIC® Score Result Formats for Individuals

The base fee of each individual Public (Monthly) TOEIC® test includes one (1) copy of an Individual Examinee Score Reports...

  • provided in individual sealed envelopes
  • with assessments designed to provide a more detailed explanation of the numerical score.

Individuals requiring official copies of any of the Score Reports may complete a request form at the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand).  The processing fee is Baht 250.00 per Score Report. Official TOEIC® Score Reprints may be picked up two (2) working days after the request. Score Reprint requests are not accepted over the telephone, by fax, or through e-mail.

Information Materials

Additional information on the TOEIC® test can be obtained from the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) offices in both Bangkok and Chiangmai. Materials such as brochures and handouts are available from the Centers.

The Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) also provides the TOEIC® test Examinee Handbook to all examinees. The handbook is designed to provide examinees with information on the test format, including question formats, and provides some sample practice questions. 

All promotional and guidance information is available from the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) at no charge. The Examinee handbook is also available on-line through the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) web site at

Pricing Policies

The fee for the Public (Monthly) TOEIC® is Baht 1,800.00/Test.


CPA (Thailand) does NOT ACCEPT ATM, Mobile and Online payments. These payments will be subject to an additional Baht 500.00 surcharge before the test taker is allowed in the test room.

Any Bank Transfer Fees are the responsibility of the PAYEE.

All fees are quoted inclusive of VAT.

Payment Policies

All fees for TOEIC® Test Administrations are payable in Baht. 

Thailand Test Centers

Bangkok Main Office: 

Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand)

Suite 1907, Bangkok Business Building,

54 Asoke Road, Sukhumvit

Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel:  0-2260-7061; 0-2259-3990

Fax: 0-2664-3122



Northern Region Branch Office:

Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand)

Nawarat Building, 3rd. Floor

4/6 Kaew Nawarat Rd., Soi 3

Chiangmai 50000 Thailand

Tel: 053-241-273-5; 0-53-248-220

Fax: 053-248-208