JPT Overview

Posted: January 23, 2013
JPT Overview

The Japanese Proficiency Test (JPT) is the most-widely used multi-purpose test of Japanese Listening and Reading skills test in Korea. The test was originally developed by the Tokyo-based Sundai Education Group, one of the largest academic institutions in Japan. Sundai Education Group operates several dozens of primary, elementary, junior- and senior-high schools, and universities with more than 2,000 expert teachers.


Japanese Proficiency Test (JPT)


In the late 1980s, YBM Si-sa approached Sundai Education Group to develop a Japanese language test. The resulting original Japanese Proficiency Test was administered in a secure administration format in Korea in 1985. Business between Japanese and Korean corporations was important at the time, and the major target market for the test were major Korean companies in Japan that required employees to have the level of Japanese ability considered essential for successful business, and Korea-based Japanese corporations that needed an assessment tool for measuring their Korean employees’ Japanese language proficiency.

Now more than 200 national agencies and private corporations, such as Samsung Group, Korean Air, LG Group, and POSCO, use the JPT as a criterion for recruitment and promotion of their employees. Also more than 50 universities and junior colleges use JPT scores for a variety of purposes, such as admissions programs, credit programs, and graduation qualification requirements.
In 2004, almost 90,000 people registered for the test and a total of 71,857 candidates took the JPT, an increase of 23% in volume over the 2003 totals. Currently the Secure Program JPT is administered 4 times a year in Japan. Many of the test takers are Korean students and employees residing in Japan, but the number of test takers from other nations is growing. Currently 10 Secure Program administrations are conducted annually in Korea: January, March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November, and December.


Test Format

The format of the JPT is similar to the TOEIC. There are two sections: Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension with scaled score results ranging from 10 - 990.

Section I: Listening Comprehension: 45 Minutes (5 - 495)

Part 1: Photograph Items (20 items)
Part 2: Question-Response (30 items)
Part 3: Short Conversations (30 items)
Part 4: Short Talks (20 items) 
Section II: Reading Comprehension: 50 Minutes (5 - 495)

Part 5: Identifying the Correct Answer (20 items)
Part 6: Error Recognition (20 items)
Part 7: Incomplete Sentences (30 items)
Part 8: Reading Comprehension (30 items)

For additional information on the Japanese Proficiency Test (JPT) please visit the following website The website provides information about JPT program in both Korean and Japanese.