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              The Privacy Policy described below is provided to clarify the details of how CPA (Thailand) collects,uses, processes, discloses, transmits and handles your Personal Data. CPA (Thailand) may amendthis Privacy Policy from time to time and it is your right to access to and review this Privacy Policyat all times.
“Personal Data”means any information that identifies or can be used to identify the individual whomCPA (Thailand) collects, uses, processes, discloses, transmits and manages information. It will begoverned by this Privacy Policy and future revised versions. If you wish to amend your Personal Dataand/or revoke and/or configure the access and retention of yourPersonal Data, please see“Correction of Personal Data, Withdrawal of Consent and Exceptions”for more details.

Protection of Personal Data and Personal Data of Minors under 10 years of age

               CPA (Thailand) certifies that it will take full action to protect your Personal Data, including theforwarding of your Personal Data, and the treatment of your Personal Data that CPA (Thailand) receivesdirectly from the Personal Data Subject, and/or the parent(s) of the Personal Data Subject under theage of 10 and/or the Data Controller, to be in accordance with the Personal Data Protection ActB.E. 2562 (hereinafter referred to as the Data Protection Act)
Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, CPA (Thailand) is responsible for collecting, using,processing, disclosing and transmitting personal data that CPA (Thailand) receives and passes on to itsthird parties who are contractually bound and are required to obtain that information in order toperform their obligations pursuant to the contract or as assigned by CPA (Thailand). In this regard,CPA (Thailand) will comply with the Personal Data Protection Law for the transmission of Personal Data.
CPA (Thailand) may disclose Personal Data where required by law or where CPA (Thailand) isrequested, or been ordered to disclose Personal Data in accordance with a summons or order of theauthorities, courts and/or officials.

Collection of Personal Data

                To reserve the test, administer the test, issue score reports, and other activities related to the testand score processing, CPA (Thailand) requires your consent to allow CPA (Thailand) to collect, use,process, disclose, transmit and manage the retention of your Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data
including, but not limited to, the following data:

  • Personal information such as name-surname, date of birth, gender, ID card number, passport number,current address phone number, email address and other contacting information;
  • Work or education information such as name of educational institution, educational background,company name, job title, occupation;
  • Relevant medical history information, such as COVID-19 vaccination records, history of COVID-19infection, disability information, information on the use of the medical devices;
  • Biometric information, including photograph, motion pictures, sound/audio recordings, handwriting,signature in any form;
  • Motion pictures recorded by CCTV when you have visited or been in the area of CPA (Thailand)head office, or branch office, including the history of your visit or log in to CPA (Thailand)’ssocial media or site.
  • Other information such as nationality, travel history (if any).

It is necessary to check and verify the test taker’s identity by verifying a government-issued documentthat shows your ID number, name, surname and current photo.
In the event that you do not provide or are unable to provide Personal Data or Sensitive Personal Data(when and where information is required), whether in whole or in part, CPA (Thailand) may not be able toprovide you with services requiring such information.

Collection of Data

CPA (Thailand) will collect your Personal Data through the following channels:

  • Collected directly from you; either through verbal or written communication, or through electronicchannels or any other channels, including opening and/or viewing documents in the system orlinks created or delivered by CPA (Thailand).
  • Collected from third parties; such as the granted persons who act on your behalf for the purposeof receiving services, including the contractual binding organizations to whom you have givenyour consent to carry out the purpose of receiving services or carrying out any activities withCPA (Thailand).

Correction of Personal Data, Withdrawal of Consent and Exceptions

                 You may change and amend your Personal Data or withdraw your consent at any time by sendingyour request to the You may also request to view and changeor delete your Personal Data at any time. Once you have made such a request, CPA (Thailand) will destroyyour Personal Data within a reasonable time. However, any amendments, changes or requestsfor deletion of your personal data may affect the test administration, score reports issuance and scoreprocessing and other activities related thereto.
However, for the purpose and security of the score processing. the issuance and use of scores,CPA (Thailand) reserves the right to deny any access to amendments and changes of the Personal Datayou have provided on the Answer Sheet, the deletion of test scores and the access, the revision,the change, the amendment and destruction of the Answer Sheet in all cases. If you have any questions,please submit a request for additional information to

Use of Personal Data by CPA (Thailand)

                    Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, CPA (Thailand) may collect, use, process, disclose,transmit and retain your Personal Data for purposes of test reservation, test administration, score reportissuance, score verification and other activities related to test administration and score processing only.CPA (Thailand) will not sell, give, distribute, or pass on your Personal Data to non-related parties andthose who do not have the right to access to it. CPA (Thailand) will not use Personal Data for purposesother than those expressly stated herein.
In some cases, CPA (Thailand) may have a statutory or contractual obligation to disclose or passon the test taker’s Personal Data as requested or ordered in accordance with summons or orders of theauthorities, courts and/or officials or legal authorities, provided that CPA (Thailand) will only discloseinformation that is necessary to the extent required by law.

Forwarding Information to Contractually Binding Third Parties

                       CPA (Thailand) may pass on your Personal Data to certain contractors, staff, employees in connectionwith test reservations, test administration, score report issuance, and other activities related to test andscore processing. The disclosure or transmission of the Personal Data shall be disclosed or passed onto those who need to know in order to perform their respective obligations.

Protection of Personal Data

                        CPA (Thailand) will retain your Personal Data as long as it is necessary to carry out its service to fulfillthe purposes of processing your Personal Data as described above. CPA (Thailand) has the means toprotect the Personal Data you have provided. CPA (Thailand) has made every effort to protect andpreserve your Personal Data, both while transmitting data, receiving data and passing on data. However,as no means of transmission or retention methods are free from the risk of data theft, thereforeCPA (Thailand) cannot make any representations or warranties of the data security collected retained byCPA (Thailand). CPA (Thailand) reserves the right to deny any damage that may arise from data theft.

Cookies Usage and Automatic Data Collection

                        While searching for information or services in the website, the website may use cookies to automaticallycollect and process your data to develop and accommodate the services to suit your usage. CPA (Thailand)may collect and process automatically recorded data as provided.
However, it is beyond CPA (Thailand)’s capabilities to limit or control the processing of the third party towhom you decide to pass on data or content, or any data or content you have posted in the public spaces,public chatrooms which are open for public access.

Link to Other Platforms

                        To use CPA (Thailand)’s website, you may need to use other platform sites which may have differentmethods and policies regarding privacy protection. Should you need to pass on your personal data toother platforms, even if such platforms are designated to hold service partnerships with CPA (Thailand),you have acknowledged and agreed that your personal data protection will be governed by theprivacy policy of such platforms. CPA (Thailand) shall not assume any liabilities for privacy policy forthose platforms. Therefore, please thoroughly study the privacy policy of those platforms.

How to exercise your right related to Personal Data

                         From June 1st, 2022, or upon the enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Act, you may requestto exercise your right related to Personal Data by emailing your request to

Changes of Privacy Policy

                          Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, CPA (Thailand) reserves the right to amend, change,add to this Privacy Policy from time to time as it deems appropriate. The changes and amendmentsof the Privacy Policy will be announced on CPA (Thailand) board at test centers, Facebook Page orLine Official Account.
                          You are deemed to have known and agreed to any changes of the new privacy policy oncethe announcement is made.

This Policy is published in Thai and English. Should there anyconflict between to two languages, the Thai version shallbe prevailed.