TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests

Posted: January 25, 2013
TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests

Know English. Know Success. Get the competitive advantage you need in today’s global job market Take the English tests that can help you get the job you want


Today, more than ever, employers who do global business hire people who can communicate effectively in English. The TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests — recognized by some of the world’s major global organizations — can give you the competitive advantage you need to get the job you want.

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are designed to measure the English skills needed to interact effectively in an international environment. Nonnative English speakers around the world take the tests to advance their careers.

Strengthen your credentials

Add TOEIC test scores to your résumé to strengthen your credentials and help you stand out from the competition. You can take the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests in combination with the TOEIC® Listening and Reading test to demonstrate all four communication skills, or you can start by taking the TOEIC Speaking test or TOEIC Writing test and build from there 

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests can help you get ahead — in the classroom or on the job

Whether you are a student preparing to enter the workforce, a job seeker or an employee, TOEIC test scores can help you achieve your career goals.

Who takes the tests?

Why take the tests?

Students in English-language
learning programs

To prepare for the workforce – you can track your progress and show how much your skills have improved

Job candidates entering the workforce
or searching for a new position

To get the job you want – you can enhance
your résumé to attract potential employers

Employees seeking growth opportunities

To advance your career – you can qualify for
a promotion or prestigious international assignment

About the test — what to expect

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests measure how well you interact with others using workplace English. The questions are based on real-life situations and do not require any specialized knowledge.


TOEIC Speaking Test

TOEIC Writing Test

Where is the test given?

At public test centers, companies or schools

At public test centers

What is the test format?

Computer-based format

Computer-based format

How long is the test?

20 minutes, 11 questions

1 hour, 8 questions

What will I be asked to do on the test?

  • Read text aloud
  • Describe a picture
  • Respond to questions
  • Respond to questions using information provided
  • Propose a solution
  • Express an opinion
  • Write a sentence based on a picture
  • Respond to a written request
  • Write an opinion essay



Prepare for success on test day


Test takers can choose from a range of test preparation resources, including:


  Tactics for TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests

  TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Online Preparation Tool

  TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests Official Test-Preparation Guide

Take the test that gives you the edge in today’s global job market

TOEIC Speaking and Writing testing is now available in select countries.